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Identity restoration insurance can help you recover

While we can’t protect you from identity theft, identity restoration insurance can help make restoring your financial state less painful and costly.

This protection – costing just $25 per year – can be added to your State Farm® home, renters, condominium, manufactured home, or farm policy. It covers you, your spouse, and relatives/
dependents (under 21 years old) living in your household.

Where is ID restoration insurance available?

We offer two options for protection depending on your current policy and the location of your insured property.

  • Cyber Event, Identity Restoration, and Fraud Loss coverage (CEIDR) is the option for homeowners, condo unitowners and renters policy holders in all states except N.C. It is also available for Manufactured Home policies in some states. This coverage includes:
    • Cyber attack coverage
    • Cyber extortion coverage
    • Identity restoration including case management service
    • Contingent credit monitoring
    • Fraud loss coverage
  • Identity Restoration coverage (IDR) is available in N.C. for homeowners, condo unitowners and renters policy holders and in all states for farm/ranch policies. It is also available in some states for Manufactured Home policies. This coverage does not include the cyber protection and fraud loss coverage, but does include:
    • Identity Restoration case management service
    • Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement
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State Farm Cyber Insurance

State Farm offers coverage to better protect your personal identity if you have an identity fraud case or are a victim of a cyber attack. We even provide coverage if you’re responsible for an elderly parent and have power of attorney. Coverages are subject to a combined annual limit of $15,000 and available only for homeowners, renters & condo-unit owners.1

Cyber attack coverage

Pays for data recovery and system restoration costs as the direct result of a cyber attack involving a computing device.

Cyber extortion coverage

Pays for professional assistance from an expert and response costs for an insured who has experienced a cyber extortion event. A cyber extortion event includes a demand for money to restore access or functionality, or a threat to damage, disable, deny access or distribute content.

Fraud coverage

If you have been a victim of a fraud event, fraud loss coverage helps you in a couple of ways.

  • Supplements what is not covered by your homeowners policy, which may already cover limited credit card and debit fraud, check forgery and counterfeit cash.
  • Provides coverage for financial loss arising from a wide range of frauds. These include identity fraud, miscellaneous frauds, as well as intentional and criminal deception to induce you to part voluntarily with something of value.
  • Offers contingent credit monitoring service for those who suffer loss or theft of a purse or billfold, a computer, or paper records.
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If you experience identity theft, here’s how State Farm can help

Case management

If you're a victim of identity theft while carrying State Farm Identity Restoration Insurance, we will go a step further as you attempt to recover your credit. In addition to expense reimbursement that many insurers cover, we'll also assign a case manager.

The manager

Works directly with your credit card companies, credit bureaus, creditors, and other financial institutions for up to one full year for a covered incident.

The guide

Shows what to do after identity theft, and includes examples of letters to send to creditors and credit bureaus, as well as other useful information to aid with the identity restoration process.


Expense reimbursement

In addition to assigning a case manager for up to a year, we'll reimburse you up to $50,000 for necessary and reasonable expenses incurred to restore your identity.3

Reimbursable costs covered

  • Refiling applications for loans or other credit instruments
  • Credit reports from established credit bureaus
  • Notarizing affidavits, postage, and long-distance phone calls
  • Costs incurred by an insured person to recover control of his or her personal identity
  • Fees from financial institutions resulting from the identity fraud
  • Fees charged by an approved attorney2
  • Actual lost wages for the insured
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1Return to reference Subject to a per occurrence deductible of $500.
2Return to reference Fees charged by an approved attorney include:
  • Defend against civil suits brought against a covered individual
  • Remove civil judgments wrongfully entered against a covered individual
  • Assist at audits or hearings conducted by governmental agencies
  • Challenge the accuracy of a covered individual's credit report
  • Defend against criminal charges arising from third parties using the personal identity of an insured person
3Return to reference Expense Reimbursement coverage and Fraud Loss coverage are jointly subject to an Expense Reimbursement and Fraud Loss limit of $50,000 annual aggregate per insured.


Identity restoration and fraud loss coverage may not be available in all states. This information contains only a general description of available coverages and is not a statement of contract. Exclusions and limitations may apply. All coverages are subject to all policy provisions and applicable endorsements. For further information, see your State Farm agent

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